We provide

  • State of the art equipment which is installed and left at the hospital
  • Technical training for hospital staff that are performing the tests
  • We provide the polysomnographic technician to score the test
  • Board certified sleep physicians to interpret
  • A service program to support your laboratory

Unique Advantages

  • The hospital or clinic will be using its own staff to perform the tests on equipment that is stationed at your facility
  • The hospital or clinic maintains quality control over the technicians and the tests performed
  • The technicians chosen by the hospital will be provided training by Core Sleep
  • The hospital or clinic has the option to enter and explore the market without the capital expense associated with establishing a sleep program
  • The hospital or clinic has the option to own the equipment at a given time

Core Responsibilities

  • Provide polysomnographic equipment
  • Provide technical support
  • Provide scoring by Registered Polysomnographist
  • Provide physician interpretations
  • Provide technical training for one technician per system
  • Provide templates of marketing materials
  • Provide disposables associated with studies
  • Provide billing services (if requested)
  • Provide additional test equipment as appropriate
  • Assist marketing efforts with our professional sales staff
  • Assist with the development of policy and procedure manuals

Hospital Responsibilities

  • Provide set-up and testing areas appropriately furnished and decorated for sleep testing
  • Provide adequate personnel for scheduling and performing sleep studies
  • The shipping of raw test data to Core Sleep Associates facility for scoring and interpretation
  • Provide weekly inventories of on hand supplies to be used in the performance of sleep studies
  • Follow the guidelines set forth in the policy and procedure manual, unless a specific modification is mutually agreed upon
  • Provide additional testing rooms as appropriate
  • Provide all billing and accounts receivable management services
  • To promote this program to the appropriate segments of their community

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