The Core Group was formed in early 1995 by Richard Seiferd and Matt Banks. The initial emphasis of the company was to provide support services to smaller independent and hospital based Durable Medical Equipment Companies. The Core Group continues to provide these services today.

By mid-1996, The Core Group had made a commitment to expand its support services to the under served ancillary and allied medical fields, thus Core Pharmacy was born. What initially began as a regional Respiratory Medication Pharmacy designed to work with local D.M.E. companies, physicians and patients, rapidly expanded. Over the next four years, our pharmacy services allowed local providers of medical services and equipment to compete with national companies throughout five states. Additional services followed, and, by the end of 2000, our explosive growth began to draw attention from many national providers.

Today, The Core Group continues to seek ways to support and promote the addition and growth of ancillary and allied medical fields. We are proud to be able to offer a new program designed to provide improved access to sleep diagnostics and treatment outside of the traditionally metropolitan healthcare setting. We believe this program provides the most comprehensive and cost effective opportunity for every hospital to provide local sleep diagnostic services.

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